InfoCom Center has experience and fair rates in websites and internet services and consultancy which put us in the reliable position to serve almost all types of customer classes.

InfoCom Center directly deal with tourist operators and companies, hotels, schools, no profit organizations, public sector and other commercial organizations.From need analysis gathering, design, training planning and strategic implementation of web presence, we also provide a full range of consultancy services and support to help your company take the smooth yet effective step towards competitive local & global presence.

We can host from a single paged website to multi complex paged website. We also train and give services to areas related to web hosting and design for your in-house staff when there is a need to obtain external capacities needed to manage well your corporate website.

Digital Office Design

If you planning to start an office and you totally do not know where to start with or where to make procurement of the ICT tools, you also do not know the technicalities of the ICT tools specifications and that suit your office needs. for all and other needs please contact us for support and help

Information Security

We offer well pro-founded knowledge of Information Security not only how to treat and prevent viruses but the “big picture” of data protections. we do the service for you and if you will wish, we teach your staffs so that nothing will again go wrong with your data and computers. We use our own very easy to understand 4M model on information security management. for data protection needs please contact us for support and help

Information Security Policies

To hit the nail, you don’t need to hire a computer security technician, just outsource us, we are going to establish very contextual Information Security Policy that match your environment and staffs and you will never hear regular attack or computer failure unless those regular normally annual maintenance only

Computer Training and Inhouse Training for Staffs

We can provide computer training to your staffs, accounting, administration, managers, research personnel, marketing and sales etc. Our terms are totally affordable, just call us and we will be there at the right time.

Whitehat SEO Services:

By whitehat SEO we just mean we follow search engine rules and algorithms as they are released regularly. from domain search, web design, redesign, links building and social marketing campaigns

Website Audit and Reporting

Before we start marketing your website for either links building or social marketing campaigns or both, we do website audit. This is a details website analysis to check if the designer put the contents in the manner search engines would prefer. If not we do redesign to make sure your website comply with search engine algorithms.

Onsite Optimization

This all about redesign and web design if it is a new website.

Link Building Campaign

To make sure your website is not linked with untrusted directories or partner websites we always audit those websites to satisfy our selves that they are not under Google or other search engine penalties. This is done using sophisticated tools and technologies.

Successful Social Media Marketing

Depending on your products and services plus targeted markets, we do all the account creation, initial networks creation, and links bookmarking. If you will need more details from us, please drop some lines or call us

Security Mitigation and Monitoring

Thousands and more thousands of websites are hacked, cracked and brought down everyday by bad guys. STOP this by mitigating your website with just very limited and affordable resource you have. InfoCom Center will provide this hardly to get support to you.  If you will need more details from us, please drop some lines or call us

Website Traffic Monitoring

Do you how many visitors reach your website daily? Do you know where are they coming from? Do you again know what part of your website they prefer? With these and much more you can learn and redesign profitably  daily your marketing campaign to suit your leads. And by doing this you will double monthly your website traffic with us.

Crash training programs

Some of our customers cannot afford our daily, weekly and monthly consultancy SEO services and therefore we designed crash programs to them or their employees to lessened the budget by teaching the same techniques to you at reduced price some even go down to 66% less