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14 iPad Apps to Remotely Control Your Work Computer

With the new iPad 2 on the way, many teams may be considering whether iPads can replace laptops as tools for remote workers. That may be possible with one of the many remote control and screen sharing apps available for the iPad.
Ladies and gentlemen, the days of unlimited internet may be numbered in the United States — AT&T will reportedly implement a 150GB monthly cap…

Gmail Unveils Another Weapon Against Email Overload: Smart

Back in August, Gmail launched a new feature that’s proven to be one of its most effective tools in the fight against email overload: the Priority Inbox. The feature attempts to automatically sort your incoming email based on…

The Right Way to Respond to

My wife Eleanor and I were visiting some friends on a Saturday when their nine-year-old daughter, Dana*, came home. She was close to tears…
5 Things You Should Never Say While

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