Send Money from AirtelMoney to CRDB Bank

To make cash transfer from your mobile phone with AirTel line to our bank account make sure that your AirTel Money account has enough cash to perform the transfer.

Bank Payment by AirtelMoney Instructions:

  1. Dial *150*60#
  2. Select 1: Send Money “FREE”
  3. Select 3: Send to Bank
  4. Select 2: CRDB Bank
  5. Enter Account Number  (Our account no. is 01J1034874900)
  6. Enter Amount (e.g 20,000/=)
  7. Enter PIN to confirm your transaction

You will receive a message from Airtel

e.g. ” Txn Id: NW160506.0901.A02324 You have paid 70,600.00Tshs to CRDB Bank (Success: Your available Airtel Money balance 200.00Tshs.”



Your order won’t be processed until evidence of payment is sent to us. Please send the following as the evidence of payment:

  1. Attach or reply the latest received Invoice # plus
  2. CRDB Bank Success Transfer Message OR
  3. Scanned copy of the original deposit slip if deposited physical to the bank or via agents.

NB: Remember also to keep the payment evidence as the same may be requested in the future for verification

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