Search Engine Optimization – SEO

We do 3 month continual Search Engine Optimization following these 5 phases

  1. Website audit to know if the website is qualified for online marketing
  2. If the website is not qualified, we conduct scripts and content modifications to meet SEs rules, some of the SEs rules include page load speed, page size, number of requests and much more. The best testing tool is found at
  3. When all SE parameters for SEO are met, then we do strategic online marketing depending on client market targets. The online marketing include social media sharing, popular local, regional and global directory listing (included on demand the paid listing), PPC, social bookmarking, travel forums, Email marketing etc
  4. We also perform website security or hardening to ensure hackers will not hack the website or perform spamming. This include also online website reputation restoration
  5. Finally we setup traffic monitoring system so that more effort will be put on working methodologies and technologies

Why website audit and analysis?

The exercise is done manually and using professional tools to examine if your website meets basic search engine optimization exercise. Normally websites designed by us meets those criteria but most of the websites that are not designed by us violate or do not conform with Google, Yahoo and other major search engines algorithms (rules).

If we found that your website does not meet SEs rules and standards, we had to redesign or overhaul the whole website to meet those rules and standards.

If we do overhaul design for marketing to the website of such nature we charge amount equal to our web design rates (please refer web design rates above)

However, if the website needs just minor redesign like meta tags manipulations and some few page contents alteration we will charge rates equal to TZS. 20.000/page

Online Marketing Fee

For Website which is designed by us

We charge SEO fee of TZS. 1,200,000/= for three months.

Work to be done include the following:

  1. Use at least 60 minutes each business day to do website management duties as mentioned in 2-13 below:
  2. Updating the wording like spelling check and page relevancy for SEO
  3. Updating the images for good layout and relevancy to SEO
  4. Moving page content around to achieve relevancy to SEO
  5. Replacing unwanted items
  6. Adding daily, weekly and monthly news, posts etc (texts and images only)
  7. Replacing pages limited to 3 pages/day
  8. Scripts updating for CMS based websites to prevent cyber attack
  9. Hardening the website to prevent cyber attack
  10. Optimizing the website to achieve more than 80% PageSpeed and YSlow meters, less than 6seconds page load time, less than 1.8MB of page size and less than 70 requests made which are good parameters for good SEO
  11. Creating and optimizing at least 5 popular social media accounts.
  12. Performing Weekly Online Marketing (Social media, directory listing and email marketing)
  13. Weekly and Monthly webmaster reporting on any work done plus recommendations (if any)

Website not designed by us

Apart from the work as mentioned above, we separately charge  re design or overhaul design fee)

The total SEO fee for website not designed by us and that need redesign will be TZS. 1,200,000/= plus redesign fee

The redesign fee is:

Details Cost
Small website 30 Pages 500,000/=
Medium website 100 Pages 800,000/=
Large website 300 – 500 Pages 1,500,000/=

Project Timeframe:

Web design takes 21 days to 90 days depending on the nature of the project, sometimes may be less or above mentioned range

SEO takes 90 days

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