Lesson 7

Output Devices
These devices give results for all processes performed in the computer
Example: –

  • Monitor (VGA Card),
  • Printer,
  • Speaker (Sound Card)

Monitor: Display Soft Texts and Graphics or pictures (Moving and still pictures)

The refresh rate is how fast the monitor can refresh (redraw) the images on the screen. The faster it can do this, the smoother your picture will be and the less “flicker” you will see.

Monitors obviously display what is going on in your computer. They can run at various resolutions, color depth and refresh rates. 640×480 is the default resolution for the Windows operating systems (this is a low resolution where objects appear large and blocky). 640×480 just means that 640 pixels are fit across the top of your monitor and 480 up and down. Most users prefer higher resolutions such as 800×600 or 1024×768 all the way up to 1600×1200 (and higher for graphics professionals). The higher resolutions make objects smaller, but clearer (because more pixels are fit in the screen). You can fit more objects on a screen when it is in a higher resolution. Larger monitors are better for running at the higher resolutions. If you run a high resolution on a small monitor, the text may be hard to read because of its small size, despite the clarity.

The monitor has a lot to do with the quality of the picture produced by your video card, but it doesn’t actual “produce” the graphics – the video card does all this processing. But, if your video card is producing a bright detailed picture and your monitor is dim and blurry, the picture will come out the same way.

Assignment #7

  • List five types of output devices
  • What is the function of Screens and Printers Send output of sound signals to the speakers

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