5 Stages of Effective Domain Registration

Registering a domain name is a very important step and should be taken seriously. Choosing the right domain name for yourself personally, your organization or for business, can take you to the next successful level of web presence or not. 

If you are in a stage of registering the domain for this case consider these  5 basic stages.

Stage #1

Avoid registering a .net or .org or any other domain name extension if someone else has already registered the .com version of the domain name you’re looking for and that the .com domain is active and popular. If you some 100 people to visit your web site at something .net, I sure the majority of the people will first go to something .com. The reason for this is we are used with .coms domains and not otherwise.

Another reason is based on domain caching. If the .com owner is caching the email with .com, important email will be directed to .com which was meant for you and at this stage you may lose important businesses.

Stage #2

If the domain name you wish to register can be easily misspelled, GRAB THE MISSPELLED VERSION(S) AS WELL. I cannot stress this enough. A perfect example of this is the domain name, PromoteOne.com. The correct spelling has the word “One” spelled out. However they were smart. They also registered promote1.com as well. That way if two people are talking to one another and one person says  “you have to visit promote1.com”, it doesn’t matter which domain name they go to. Navigating to either domain name would resolve to the same web site. If just one person, went to promote1.com instead of promoteone.com and it generated a sale, then that sale just paid for the registration of that domain name for years to come.

Ask yourself if your domain name can be misspelled phonetically. For example the person who registers the domain name “4health.com” should have also registered “forhealth.com” and perhaps even “fourhealth.com.

I’m sure WalMart regrets the fact that they did not have the forethought to have originally registered the domain names “wallmart.com” or “wall-mart.com”.

Other variations are those domain names, which contain more than one word and where both words end and start with the same letter. For example, if a company called “Today’s Software” wanted to register a domain name, it would be prudent to register both “todaysoftware.com and “todayssoftware.com”. A lot of people when typing, don’t type the second letter when one word ends with the same first letter of the next word.

Our research shows that most people use plurals when performing searches or when going to a domain directly. This is why we advise to consider registering the plural version of your domain name. For example, if your domain name is “hotlure.com” then a smart move would be to register “hotlures.com” as well.

Its funny how many people don’t grasp the concept that the Internet is worldwide. We are all so used to doing business locally or within our borders that we fail to see the Internet is an International marketing medium. With that said, there are many words which mean the same thing yet are spelled differently based on region. For example most Canadians spell the word “color”, “colour”. So if your domain name is “colorconcepts.com”, then you should also have registered “colourconcepts.com” especially if they plan to sell to Canadians.

If you plan to sell products or services internationally, then register the same name in a different language. For example if your domain name is “sweetwater.com” and you plan to do business with Latin countries, then you should also register “aguadulce.com”.

If you’re company has many different and popular products, then register the names of those products. Take IBM for example. They were smart in that they obviously registered “ibm.com” but also registered “thinkpad.com”. ThinkPad obviously being a famous brand of laptop computers now being marketed by Lenovo, which bought IBM’s PC division in 2005.
Stage #3

Protect yourself. If you anticipate your domain name becoming popular, protect yourself and try to register the ancillary versions or your domain name (the .net, .org etc).

For those of you wondering whether or not you can register more than one domain name, the answer should now be obvious. If you do register an ancillary domain name, you can simply point the domain name using our free URL Forwarding feature that would redirect your ancillary domain names to your primary domain name.
Stage #4

Try to choose a domain name that is short and easy to remember. Don’t get caught in the “acronym game”. A lot of companies decided early on that they would register only the acronym for their company name simply because it would be shorter to type out – bad idea. Take Union Bank Of California as an example. Their domain name is “uboc.com” yet they did not originally register “UnionBankOfCalifornia.com”. That’s nuts and cost them a lot of money to get it back!

Stage #5

If your domain name consists of multiple words, consider registering the same domain name but separating those words with dashes or hyphens.

We hope that these 5 Stages to registering a domain name help you. In today’s world domain names have become more important.

In fact the early stage of company/organization registration thinks deeply about acronym for .com domain or .org if it is a nonprofit.

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