4 Steps for Web Optimization

Internet Business Promoter (IBP) can optimize your website to the top 10 search rankings on Google in 4 steps which are Optimize Keywords, Optimize your website, Optimize your Backlinks and Submit your website to search engines . It is the only SEO tool that can guarantee your website a top 10 rankings on Google. If your website is already placed in the first 10 positions of Google, then it will place more web pages at the first page of Google and guarantee your website more visitors hence more income. Check in brief the following areas that when follows will surely place your website to the first 1o positions of Google
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SEO software for Windows1. Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization help you among many search terms and keywords to choose the best one related to your website and that is searched by internet users.
2. Webpages Optimization

The webpages optimization is simply implementing the keyword researched within your web pages that conform with search engine rules
3. Backlinks Optimization

Backlinks optimization is an act of building inbound valuable links from other similar website, directories or blogs as suggested by IBP.
4. Submit Your Website

Submitting your website to search engines you invite those search engines to crawl your website and ensure availability in their database and hence to the top ranking possibility.


Download Free SEO Software
Don’t you believe us? Read what the Customers are say about IBP:

Ed Keay-Smith, AdWordsMarketing.com, says:

I now have many of the top positions on Yahoo, Bing and have far improved my position on Google to the 1st, 2nd or 3rd pages for keywords relating to my website.

I really liked the way that I could customize the reports for my clients when doing SEO work for them. This aspect alone has won me tens of thousands of dollars worth of fees when using this part of the software.”

Dennis Begnoche, Palm Springs Art, says:

“I also wanted to show some of the results I am getting now with IBP. Thanks so much. Never had #1 positions before on Yahoo, Google, Bing. Thanks so much, your program is great.”

Mike Goodier, LibraTypingServices.co.uk, says:

“My very first attempt with IBP has brought me straight into the Network (Bing, BBC, HotBot, etc.) at position #1 out of nearly 400,000 sites! Incredible, thank you!”

Marcus Allen, OrlandoVacationsOnline.com, says:

“I wouldn’t normally get too excited about a product but when something like IBP has pretty much quadrupled your online income, it’s only fair to make it known!

I recently upgraded my IBP, spent a few hours working with it over a two week period and the rest is obvious. […] Our website is positioned at numbers 5, 1, 2, 2 and 1 respectively! Need I say more?

It’s all due to IBP. IBP has secured us an extremely good position in the hugely competitive Travel market. Thanks!”

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